Work From Home 2020: The Top Companies For Remote Jobs

As the world becomes more connected, working from home is easier than ever before. With more companies offering flexible commuting policies, the remote job market is growing faster than ever before.

For many Americans, this is great news. The boom of remote jobs means that many have more flexibility in choosing where they live, how they commute and which career to pursue. Working from home allows some to reclaim that illusive work-life balance, as they don’t have to spend as much time going to work or getting dressed for meetings.

The top career fields offering this kind of remote work are medical/health, computer/IT, customer service, education/training, sales and accounting/finance. FlexJobs found that healthcare and computer/IT continued to be the most promising career fields for remote-friendly jobs.

“The most notable change we’ve seen over the past year is not so much the growth in the sheer volume of remote job listings, but the growth in the variety of remote job titles these companies are seeking to hire,” said Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Companies are expanding the range of professional positions they’re allowing to work from home.”

Some work-from-home fields that they are now seeing on their website include online ESL teacher, investigation specialist, lead oncology pharmacist, internal business development. They estimate that remote work grew 159% in the past 12 years.

Five of the most popular work-from-home job tiles include accountant, customer service representative, project manager, nurse and writer. Some of the fastest-growing remote career categories include art and creative, bookkeeping, k-12, graphic design and translation.

The top spot on the list went to Appen, a technology services company headquartered in Australia. They were also named the top company for remote work last year. Other companies like Williams-Sonoma and Kelly Services were among the top ten companies with the highest number of remote jobs posted in 2019. Newcomers to the list included Achieve Test Prep and World Travel Holdings, while some like Hilton, Sodexo and VMware were also on last year’s list. Companies like Kaplan, Humana, Appen, Dell, American Express and CVS Health have made FlexJob’s list of best remote work for the past six years.

“When you add it all up, in small ways and large, people are able to save a lot of money by working from home rather than commuting to an office every day,” said Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Even if you only work remotely some of the time, say two or three days a week, you still stand to save at least $2,000 a year.”

Flexible Non-Phone Jobs

Lyft – Another job not done from home, but very flexible. You can become a driver for Lyft and give rides to passengers who request them via the Lyft app.

You are totally free to set your own schedule and keep all your tips. Plus, there is an option to get your pay daily via ExpressPay, or get paid out weekly. Lyft is currently needing drivers for many cities nationwide. Most Lyft drivers are able to earn at least $15 hourly.

VIPKid –  is ESL teaching you can do whenever you want from home. It is necessary that you have at least some “formal” or “informal” teaching experience such as mentoring, tutoring, coaching, or alternative education as well as a bachelor’s degree. I’ve heard great things about this company. It’s possible to earn between $18 and $22 per hour.

QKids –Open to US, Canada, and the UK. You are eligible to apply as long as you either have a degree or are actively enrolled in a university. Earn up to $20 hourly.

SayABC –  Open to US, Canada, and Australia. Must be a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree or above.

Write Score – Work from home scoring student essays. Note this company offers only seasonal work and they hire for a short period of time each year (hiring may be up for this year).

Cambly – ESL (English Second Language) tutoring. You are allowed to log on and work when you want provided there are tutoring sessions available. Also, no experience is needed to work for this company.

Metaverse –  Work from home community/social media moderation work where you can schedule your own hours. This company is also listed under phone jobs because they regularly hire for customer support positions which may involve the use of a phone.

3 Play Media – Work from home editing transcripts. You can log on and off and do the work at your leisure provided there is work available to do and you will commit to at least 15 hours a week.

Lionbridge –  Work from home search engine evaluation and other non-phone task work. Work whenever you want up to 20 hours per week.

Literably –Work from home transcription/scoring. You listen to students read aloud and then type out their errors. This company usually only has work during the school year.

Elevate K12 –  Work from home tutoring. You can work any hours you want as long as it’s between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Fancy Hands –  Work from home task-based virtual assisting. Log on anytime and if there are tasks you can do, you can claim them. There are almost always lots of tasks available.

Note this is sort of phone and sort of non-phone since some of the tasks will involve the phone and some won’t. But it’s up to you which ones you claim.

Measurement, Inc. –Work from home scoring tests. Must have a four-year degree. Flexible, but you will have to work Monday through Friday. Pays around $11 hourly.

Humanatic –  Work from home listening to recorded phone conversations and label them according to specific criteria. You can work as much or little as you want. Note this is extra money, if that. Most people aren’t able to make much money at all doing this.

Panda Tree –  Work at home tutoring kids in Mandarin or Spanish. Work whenever you want, between 5 and 15 hours weekly.

Pearson – Work at home scoring tests. You can work anytime you want provided you commit to at least 20 hours a week.

iSoftStone –  This is work from home search evaluation although they also occasionally have other types of projects, too. You can log in and work whenever you want as long as you commit to at least 10 hours per week.

The Smart Crowd –  This falls into the category of work from home data entry jobs, very much just extra money and not steady work at all. You can log in at any time and do the work if it’s there to do. Lots of times it’s not.

Brainfuse –  Work from home tutoring. It may be possible to work on your own schedule if there are any tutoring sessions you can grab.

Shutterstock – They have occasional openings for remote image reviewers. You must commit to at least 25 hours per week, but these can be arranged around your own schedule.

Studypool – This is a site you can use to sign up as an online academic tutor and then provide homework help. Work whenever you want. You must have a degree or currently be in college/university, trying to get one.

Clickworker –  Short task work. Log in and work whenever you want if the work is there to do.

Amazon Mechanical Turk –  Another short task site, powered by Amazon. Log in and work anytime. There is always work to do, but you wont’ always be able to find work that is worth the pay.

Stitch Fix – Work at home curating boxes for Stitch Fix, picking out clothes. There’s a 15 hour a week minimum, but you can work them around your own schedule. They only hire in certain US locations, which vary. – Online tutoring. You can set your own schedule and tutor when you’re available.

Ask Wonder –  This is work at home research, open worldwide, although it is not available in a few certain US states. You can work as much or as little as you want, anytime you want. – Because this is a 24 hour service, it’s possible to work at home for and schedule yourself for hours around the clock. However, you need to be a licensed/certified and trained psychiatrist or therapist to get accepted here.


Flexible Phone Jobs

Aira – This company hires independent contractors in the US to participate in voice chats with the blind and visually impaired for the purpose of helping them complete everyday tasks. Pay may be around $15 hourly, and you can benefit from a flexible schedule.

Hilton Worldwide –  A reader on my Facebook page mentioned that Hilton lets you build your own schedule.

They hire reservation sales specialists, customer care coordinators, and guest experience specialists to work from home. However, you have to train on-site for many weeks at either their Tampa, FL or Dallas, TX headquarters prior to working from home, so it’s pretty location-based.

Metaverse – They hire home-based customer support reps. You can schedule your own hours here the last I was aware.

Learnlight – Company formerly known as ISUS. ESL (English Second Language) teaching from home. The work is done via Voip connection. You can set your own schedule as long as you work Monday – Friday and can commit to at least 24 hours per week. Shifts are usually done in 2-4 hour blocks.

ARC Consulting – Telephone mystery shopping. Like most other phone mystery shopping companies, you can do the calls anytime as long as you’re calling during normal business hours. This should also be considered just extra money since you can’t depend on the work to be steady.

Ver-A-Fast – Outbound calling, mainly to newspaper customers. Mostly working nights and weekends, at least 15 hours a week.

You can usually log on and off as needed provided you meet your hourly quota every week. I should mention this company gets lots of negative reviews from former workers although they are a legit company.

Parameds –  Outbound calling for medical records retrieval. The work is done Monday through Friday and you can work anytime during business hours. However, lots of workers say they stay pretty busy the entire time because sometimes they have lots of calls to make.

VoiceLog – They hire third party call verification agents to work from home. You can set your own schedule as long as you are working in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hour blocks.

Arise – Work from home customer support. This is more of a home business opportunity since you have to become incorporated to begin servicing their clients.

The schedule here is known for being extremely flexible,  you can work things around your schedule to a point although ultimately it’s going to depend on the needs of the client(s) you are servicing.

NextWave Advocacy –  Conducting outbound political calls. You have to commit to 20 hours a week but you can work the hours at anytime during the day or evening. This is project-based work, so the work will come and go.

OnPoint Advocacy –  Similar to the work you do for NextWave (above). You are free to make your calls anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. You have to commit to at least 25 hours per week. This is also project-based work and the company may not always have projects available for you to work on.

Pleio-Goodstart –  Work from home calling people for medication reminders. You can make the calls on your own schedule provided they are done between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the patient’s time zone Monday through Friday or 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays.

Yardi-Matrix – This is a phone job from home where background noise doesn’t matter. You are calling apartment complexes pretending to be a renter in order to gather information. You can do your calling on your own schedule provided it’s between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Perception Strategies – Phone mystery shopping. Like the other phone mystery shopping opps I have listed, you can do the work anytime provided the business you are calling is open.

LiveOps – Work from home customer service. It is possible to set your own schedule here in blocks of time as small as 30 minutes.

Time Etc. –  Work from home as a virtual assistant for Time Etc. This is flexible work provided you can work Monday-Friday, at least five hours a week.

VOIQ – Work from home making calls from the VOIQ app. Some sales experience required. You can set your own schedule.

Telelanguage –This company lets you set your own schedule as an over-the-phone interpreter. You must be fluent in English and another language with some interpretation experience to qualify.

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