7 Ways of legitimately Make Money

Knowledge and Make Money

This is just a small sample of the numerous opportunities available to earn an extra make money income. 

One in ten Americans who worked full-time also had side jobs for extra cash. In the coming years, that number is expected to rise. Just as businesses eagerly exploit additional income streams, individuals can and should do the same. Unfortunately, acquiring the skills to do so is often a long and arduous process. If you would like the extra income, but don’t have the time or resources to invest in additional training, there are plenty of ways to make money using the abilities you already have.

Everyone tends to have that one quirky skill that’s used as a party trick or to impress your kids. Sometimes it’s an useless skill, but often it’s something you picked up while working to pay for college. Bottom line, don’t let that skill coupled with the accumulated knowledge go to waste.

One platform that allows you to sell your knowledge online is Kajabi. The platform gives companies and individuals the ability to set up courses online to share knowledge and even monetize content. With the platform, you can market, sell and deliver information products online and create a website to grow your audience. The company says its users have sold content for over $350 million, from marketing tips for home business owners to DIY plumbing.

Generating additional income through sites like JustAnswer is simple. On JustAnswer, simply provide evidence of your expertise in one of the several areas, answer questions, and get paid. Maven and CreatePool are similar platforms, but allow you to also do small jobs in your area of expertise. You set your rate with Maven and CreatePool, leading to the opportunity to earn significantly more. Finder’s fees can be costly, however. Be ready to pay both companies a hefty commission of up to 20%.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) provides users with access to on-demand jobs, surveys, and tasks that require human intelligence to complete. The slogan for MTurk emphasizes the vision of the platform – “Artificial Intelligence.” Designed to help professionals, academics, companies, and IT experts accomplish tasks that want human intelligence, there’s something for everyone here. Most jobs don’t pay much, but the little bit you do earn through each short task can quickly accumulate to a decent side income.

Do you have an unique skill set or hobby? If you’re willing to invest in marketing yourself, services like Skype and Google Hangouts can provide a path to a lucrative side income. Offer lessons via Skype or Hangouts to save yourself travel time, grow a wide customer base, and make cash off skills you have that others value (like playing an instrument or tutoring). If you are in medicine (human or animal), you can do a ‘house call’ from anywhere in the world with the help of livestream or even to expand the services you already offer your clients.

Sites like PrestoExperts and Small Biz Advice work on a concept similar to that of Maven and CreatePool, by giving you the chance to earn money giving advice or providing consulting services online. There is no shortage of sites similar to these, and many (like Small Biz Advice) are niche specific, allowing you to target your services to an audience that is already hoping to work with you.

Skype and Google Hangouts provide users with the chance to work one-on-one with clients, but ClickMeeting and other webinar hosting services provide a different way to make supplemental income with live video. Rather than targeting an individual, reach an audience ranging in size from a small group to tens of thousands by providing webinars and live classes that teach your audience how to do something – from using essential oils to building furniture or investing in the stock market. If you can teach it, you can sell a webinar or class on it with a little marketing effort.

Your company may be overlooking an easy and quick source of profits. By re-purposing existing content, adding a bit more information, and marketing wisely, you can turn eBooks and whitepapers into lucrative income streams. With very little time commitment required because of your intelligent reuse of content and knowledge of your industry. Amazon.com has long been the dominant platform for eBooks, but you can also sell whitepapers and eBooks on your site or through other channels. iBooks is a popular alternative to Amazon, for example, and offers more interactive and high-tech options than traditional eBooks allow.

Click for cash: how to make money on the web

If you don’t mind sharing your opinion – and who doesn’t? – there are many opportunities to do so and receives a commission for it into the bargain. The rate isn’t always great, and some surveys can take up to 15 minutes, but if you do a couple a week the money can build up.
We’ve all seen the ads on the internet, and if you believe it looks too good to be true, you’re probably right to be sceptical. If only all those claims were true, we’d all be making a fortune while working in our pyjamas every day.

But it is possible to make a bit of extra money through the web, legally and above board. It just may require a little more effort than the previously mentioned ads let on.

A word of warning, though: your tax arrangements are, of course, something you should figure out if you are lucky enough to earn the kind of money from this that puts you in to the tax net.

Clickworker offers an unique service to clients. It takes projects and splits them into smaller tasks, offering them up to its list of independent contractors. They complete various tasks, getting paid on a per-task basis, and then Clickworker brings all these elements back together into a single project and hands it over to the original client.

What’s the Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

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Work From Home and Make Money

No “Get Rich Quick” scams here. Find great at-home work to make money options and tips to broaden your job search.

Many retirees like to boost their retirement income with a part-time job. But how about a part-time job that you can do in your pajamas? Thanks to the fast-growing internet economy, jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home – and sometimes on your own timetable – are becoming more plentiful. Check out these promising new options.

In case you are a whiz with a keyboard, consider a transcription service, such as Rev.com. To apply, you need to take a test by transcribing an audio file. If you’re accepted (only about half of applicants are), you can decide what and how much work to take on. You get paid based on the length of the audio files (in minutes), so the faster you type, the more money you can make. A good typist can earn as much as $100 a day.

Experts in a particular field – computer technicians or lawyers, for instance – may want to try JustAnswer.com, where you can answer questions from consumers or businesses. Customers pay an average of $30 to have their question answered. About half the fee goes to the expert and half to the site. Applicants must have a subject-matter test and submit to a background check. Only 5 percent of those who apply are accepted.

The growth of online classes means more opportunity for teachers of make money. In addition to traditional universities, you can also find online teaching jobs at education and technology companies. If you have a teaching background, then you might be able to land one of these positions. You can apply directly to an online school by going to its website.

If you like to talk, look into call-center positions. Such work is often needed round the clock – good news for early risers and insomniacs. Don’t limit your search to your own state; a lot of call centers are located in Utah and Georgia. The travel and hospitality fields tend to have more open positions. When searching, use terms like “call center,” “customer service” and “customer support.” You’ll need a dedicated phone line and internet access.